Health and happiness

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It is very important to be healthy and happy, so pay attention to both.

Happiness is key and adds to your health, trust me.


wake up and live


Cosmetic dentistry

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Here is a guide to dental procedures that are called cosmetic dental procedures and it shows you how you can really get a beautiful smile through white shining teeth that are straight and healthy. And how some dentists can help you do this and our advice on how to go about it.

One item we do believe in as do a lot of dentists is to not do too much dental treatment to get to the beautiful look you want. People do not want to go through a lot of procedures and potential pain, so dentists provide the results without the excessive treatment of previous times.

It is all about dental health and looking great and feeling great with your teeth. And the dental philosophy today is to get your teeth lined up correctly, make them white and apply some treatment to get the tooth the right shape. This enables you to retain a natural look and also importantly retain as much of your natural teeth as possible, which is very important.

In recent times the only way to improve the look of your teeth was to actually have healthy tooth and gums removed to allow veneers and crowns to be used. And sometimes this is still utilised. But due to modern progress, we have 3 new ways to improve things.

  1. We now have modern methods to get teeth that are cooked and teeth that are out of the rightful place aligned in an almost perfect alignment and in an invisible way.
  2. Making your teeth white again using very modern methods of bleaching and teeth whitening to change the colour from varying shades oh white and yellow to bright white.
  3. Modern progress in the ability to make changes to teeth’s shape, these are however minor but important in the look and use of the teeth. The progress here is in the bonding process and how it is done.

These 3 items help align the teeth, make them whiter and rebuild, and as you can see it does not involve a great deal of painful treatment.

We are trying to show you detail about how you can have the look you want without too much in the way of dental procedures, which is cool for you and your teeth.


Now consider what you would like to have done to your teeth to make them project the smile you want to make you more confident. Almost anything is possible. Have another read of the suggestions and see if they would you and your dental health and confidence.

Use what you have learnt here to make confident choices about improving your dental health and the way you look. Your teeth are so important to the way you are as a person, the way you feel and the way you look to other people.

Good luck on your journey to a better happier you. Your teeth aren’t the only thing to make you happy, but each time you look in the mirror, they will make you smile inside and out.

Wikpedia explains about cosmetic dentistry here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmetic_dentistry




Healthy gums

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Here are 6 videos I have collected to help educate you about healthy gums and how important it is to keep them healthy, as they are very crucial in the housing of your teeth.

Video 1: How to repair receding gums

Video 2: Normal healthy gums

Video 3: Natural strategies to keep your teeth and gums healthy

Video 4: How to whiten your teeth and get healthy gums naturally

Video 5: How to have pink gums

Video 6: Oil pulling for white teeth, healthy gums and clear skin




Healthy teeth videos

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Here we have some fantastic videos for you to watch and learn from, each one is a winner in its own right.

Video 1: Classic Sesame Street – Grover’s Health Minutes – Teeth

Video 2: How to brush your teeth properly – for kids

Video 3: Sesame Street – Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me: Brushy Bush PSA

Video 4: How to keep teeth and gums healthy, brushing your teeth consistently

Video 5:How to keep teeth healthy – tooth brushing techniques

Video 6: Teeth whitening and oral health – how to whiten teeth



Healthy Newcastle

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lovely white teeth

Newcastle traditionally hasn’t been the most healthiest city in the world but I hope and believe we are improving our act!

I am going to be talking about health on this page, the health of your body and mind. I will talk about exercise for both body and mind and the health of various parts of your body. I personally believe we need to work at our health and a good way to follow this is to follow the path of everything that enters our body.

We take in food, drink, air mainly as well as other air born matter. So the health of our mouth, teeth and gums is very important.

Please read and enjoy the blog.

Here is a video about my lovely home, Newcastle.



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